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To visit Australia and simplify your administrative procedures you can use the new eTA electronic travel authorisation system or eVisitor. By completing a simple online form and supplying your passport number you can prepare effectively for your visit without the need to apply for a traditional visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The eVisitor electronic visa is in fact an electronic travel authorisation that makes it easier to travel to Australia. This type of visa is reserved for nationals of certain countries, including those of the European Union, and greatly facilitates the mandatory administrative procedures. The eTA is reserved for other nationalities. This form of electronic visa is obtained through a simple online application, by filling in a simple form in which you will be asked a certain number of questions and in which you will have to provide your passport number. The answer is obtained by email in a few minutes to a few days only.  

  1. For how long is an eTA visa Australia valid?
  2. What is the price of an eTA or eVisitor visa for Australia?
  3. Time required to obtain eTA or eVisitor visa to travel to Australia
  4. The solutions available following an eTA visa refusal
  5. How to modify the information on your eTA or eVisitor Australia?
  6. Verifying the status of your eTA or eVisitor application
  7. Is an eTA visa necessary for a transit through Australia?
  8. The different documents needed to travel to Australia

What is the eVisitor electronic visa?

The eVisitor visa is for travellers who wish to visit Australia for tourism, business or educational exchange. However, it is only for stays of less than 3 months and does not allow you to work in the country.

Once obtained, the eVisitor visa is valid for one year and can therefore be used for subsequent trips to Australia under the same conditions as stated above and without any significant modification of the data transmitted.

The eVisitor visa is in some ways the first online application visa introduced by the Australian government. It is older than the eTA visa but works in the same way. It is therefore also valid for one year for stays of less than 3 months for the purpose of tourism, business or study and training. It cannot be used for work purposes either.

Please note that the eVisitor visa has advantages over the classic visa, particularly with regard to the time taken to respond to the application and the simplicity of the procedures to be carried out online. We therefore recommend this first solution for your next trip.


Other types of visa to travel to Australia:

As we have just seen, both the eTA eVisa and its eVisitor counterpart are intended for a certain type of traveller and require certain travel conditions to be met. If you are not a resident of one of the member countries of this scheme or if you wish to travel to Australia to work or reside for more than three months, you will need to look at other types of mandatory visas such as the Working Holiday Permit (WHP) or the Classic Visa.


Can you apply for an eTA or e-Visitor?

Before we look at how to obtain an eVisitor travel authorisation to travel to Australia, it is important to remember here what the conditions of access to this simplified electronic system are, as it is only intended for a certain category of travellers and for a particular type of travel.

Firstly, it should be remembered that only travellers permanently resident in one of the eVisitor member countries can apply online. This is because Australia has carefully selected certain countries with similar legislation to its own and with which it has signed some form of agreement to implement this modern administrative procedure. Before anything else, you must therefore check that you are a resident of one of these countries, of which United Kingdom is of course one. To do this, you must have a passport issued by the country in question.

Then, of course, you must have the necessary documents to enter Australia. The eVisitor alone does not allow you to travel to this country and you must, as for any trip outside the European Union, have a valid biometric or electronic passport at your disposal. The passport must of course be valid at the time you apply for an eVisitor online, but it must also be valid for your entire stay. If your current passport is about to expire, we recommend that you renew it before proceeding with this process.

Finally, the duration and purpose of your trip are also important. The eVisitor travel authorisation only works for stays in Australia of less than 90 days, i.e. three months. If you are planning a longer stay, you should apply for a visa. You can use your eVisitor for tourism-related travel, business travel, visiting family or friends, or for travel to other destinations that involve a stopover or transit at an Australian airport. Other reasons for travel are excluded from this scheme, so you cannot, for example, use your eVisitor for extended study in Australia or for work.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you can apply for your eVisitor online now.


What do you need to apply for an eVisitor 'visa'?

Applying for an eVisitor online for travel to Australia is a simplified visa waiver process that only takes a few minutes and requires some information. All you need to bring is your valid passport, which covers your departure to Australia, to indicate its number on your application.
Finally, all you have to do is pay the transfer and processing fees by credit card to start the application process.


Where can I find the eVisitor or eTA form and how do I fill it in?

Whatever your language and if you are eligible for the eVisitor programme, you will find forms available online. On this site, we will redirect you to a form written entirely in English to make it easier for you to understand the questions asked.

Just take a few minutes to fill in the form in a quiet place, remembering to bring your passport and your personal details as well as those of any other person you wish to register. Please also bring your credit card to pay the application fee that will complete your application. Answer all questions carefully, without leaving out any answers, and in good faith. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a quick response to the email address you have provided in your contact details. This can take up to 72 hours.

We also offer ESTA travel authorisations for the USA  through our partner with its visa service

Please note! This website is not in any way directly connected with the Australian immigration authorities and therefore cannot be held responsible for any dispute or refusal of your eVisitor visa.


Who can use the eVisitor visa application to travel to Australia?

The eVisitor electronic travel authorisation system has been created to simplify the process of applying for entry clearance for certain travellers wishing to travel to Australia on a conditional basis. This means that some people no longer need to go through the time-consuming and patient process of applying for a visa, as they can obtain their travel authorisation directly online and very quickly. Of course, in order to apply for an eVisitor online, you must first be eligible for the Australian Visa Waiver Program and therefore meet certain criteria.

First of all, only people permanently residing in one of the countries included in the scheme can benefit from it. United Kingdom is one of these countries! You must therefore have a passport issued by one of these countries in order to travel to Australia with an eVisitor residence permit. These countries have been selected because their legislation is similar to Australia's and follows the same basic rules.

The eVisitor residence permit does not apply to all types of travel either. Depending on the length of your stay, you may choose this or another solution such as a visa. Stays authorised by the eVisitor must not exceed 90 days or 3 months.  Beyond this limit, it is essential to obtain a visa. Similarly, the eVisitor authorisation only covers tourist stays or possibly business trips or visits to a family member or friend. This authorisation will not allow you to work in Australia or to settle there permanently.

Finally, to be able to apply for an eVisitor online on our website or elsewhere, you must also have a valid passport. The validity of your passport must also cover the date of departure and the date of return of your trip, i.e. your entire stay in the country.  The eVisitor system is fully electronic and your authorisation number will be linked to your passport number.

Of course, in addition to meeting the above conditions, you will need to meet the requirements of the Australian authorities, who are the only ones competent to grant your residence permit. The final decision will be made on the basis of the responses to the application form.


Why apply for an eVisitor or eTA visa through our partner?

By completing all of the steps required to travel to Australia online, thanks to the eVisitor program, you can spend more time preparing for your stay without losing time in administrative procedures. Our site has been designed to save you even more time by offering you direct access to the eVisitor application form in English, but also to provide you with other advice and information that will be very useful in this process.
For example, we have devoted a large part of our articles to explaining how to fill in the form and answer the various questions it asks. You will also find information on our website about other questions you may have about using your eVisitor, whether you need it for a particular type of travel, and advice on how to deal with a refusal of your permit to help you get to Australia.


Information on the validity of your eVisitor and the types of travel covered:

You may already know that your eVisitor permit, once obtained, allows you to travel to Australia multiple times. This is because the eVisitor will be attached to your passport for one year from the day you receive a positive response from the eVisitor authorities.

However, in order to use your eVisitor authorisation again during this period, it is still necessary to fulfil the preconditions for the first application. It is also necessary that your information has not changed or evolved. In some cases, as we will explain in detail in the following articles, you will be able to change some of the information, but in other cases you will have to reapply.

If you are travelling to a destination other than Australia but are transferring or transiting through Australia, you will also need to apply for an eVisitor visa. We will tell you how to proceed in these cases here.


Getting the best chance of obtaining your eVisitor clearance:

As we have just seen, obtaining an eVisitor visa to travel to Australia is a relatively quick and simple process. However, to avoid any disappointment when preparing your trip and to help you obtain this permission to stay, we wanted to accompany you throughout the process.

We will explain to you how to fill in your application correctly for you and possibly for the people accompanying you, with the type of answer expected for each question asked and the essential elements you must have on hand before starting to fill in the form.

We will also tell you what cases of refusal of this eVisitor authorisation exist and how to proceed if you have not been granted it. There are different solutions depending on the case, which may allow you to maintain your stay by making a new application or by applying for a visa or e-Visitor. Thanks to this complete support, you can prepare your stay in Australia with complete peace of mind.


How to apply for an eVisitor online now?

You have just confirmed that you are eligible for the simplified online eVisitor application procedure and you want to obtain this document as soon as possible? Then all you have to do is apply.  As you will see, it will only take a few minutes and you will get a quick response. Before you start, make sure you are in a quiet place and have enough time to complete the form. Have your passport or passport number ready and a bank card or Paypal account to pay the fee.

Start by accessing the online application form on our website. The form is written in English so that you can understand all the questions asked. In particular, you will need to enter a valid email address to which the reply to your application will be sent, as well as other personal information such as your full identity, date and place of birth, home address and telephone number. Next, you will be asked to answer a list of different questions about your character, health and reasons for travelling.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, take the time to check all your answers because once you have validated them, you will not be able to change them. If everything is correct, all that remains is for you to validate your application by paying the transfer and processing fees online. This payment can be made by credit card on a secure server or via your Paypal electronic wallet. Only after this payment has been made will your application be transmitted electronically to the Australian authorities who will decide whether or not to grant you this eVisitor travel authorisation.

The response to your application, whether positive or negative, will be sent to you by email to the address provided in the form and within a maximum of 72 hours. From that moment on, if your application is accepted, your eVisitor will be automatically attached to your passport for a period of one year.
Of course, if your eVisitor is refused, you will always have the possibility to proceed otherwise by applying for a visa or an eVisitor.

Apply for eTA or eVisitor Australia