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For how long is an ETA Australia - eVisitor valid?

Do you plan to reuse your ETA authorisation for future visits? Learn how long your initial travel authorisation is valid for and if you will need to reapply.

One of the simplest administrative methods of visiting Australia for your holiday, business trip or for educational purposes is to apply for an electronic travel authorisation or ETA. To do so, you simply need to access the online questionnaire, complete it and submit your application. However this ETA is only suitable for short visits to Australia and is only valid for a certain period of time after being obtained. Here you can learn all the details about the exact validity period and length of stay applicable to the ETA.


What is the maximum length of stay authorised in Australia with an ETA or evisitor?

Before explaining how much time you can use your ETA or evisitor for when visiting Australia it is important to specify that this authorisation is only valid for short visits whatever the reason (professional, touristic or educational). In fact, to benefit from the ETA electronic travel authorisation without the requirement to obtain a visa your stay in Australia should not exceed three months or 90 days. If you plan to stay for longer then you will need to obtain a normal visa.

However if you plan to stay for just a few weeks or only transit through Australia then an ETA is the ideal solution that will save you a lot of time.


What is the total period of validity of the Australian ETA authorisation?

Contrary to what one may think, once you have obtained an ETA authorisation it is not valid for just a single unique visit to Australia. In fact the duration of validity of this authorisation is one entire year from its issue date. This means that you have the opportunity to visit Australia as many times as you wish during this one year period.

Of course, all visits should respect the maximum duration conditions cited above, this means each individual visit should not exceed 90 days.

However, in certain cases you cannot reuse your ETA during its valid one year period. This is notably the case when renewing your passport or after the modification of certain essential data relative to the visitor. In the case of a major change in address, identity or nationality it will be necessary to repeat the travel authorisation procedure by applying for a new ETA online and paying the ETA administrative and transfer fees again.


What to do when the validity period of an ETA has expired?

During a year you can use your ETA or evisitor as many times as you wish to travel to Australia. However, once this validity period has ended, all the information relative to your application and authorisation is automatically deleted. It will therefore be necessary to complete a fresh application if you wish to visit Australia again.

It should be noted that this new application will not automatically be approved simply because you have been previously granted an ETA.


How to reuse your ETA authorisation and under which circumstances?

As we explained earlier, the ETA electronic travel authorisation enables you to enjoy a visit of less than 90 days in Australia without the requirement for a standard visa. But its validity period is a year from the moment it is confirmed, this means from the day you receive the authorisation confirmation email. This therefore means that you have the possibility to reuse this authorisation for future visits to this country.

More precisely, this travel authorisation enables you to visit as many times as you wish during this period as long as these visits comply with the conditions of this programme. Only visits of less than 90 days as well as transits and stopovers are accepted. In the same way, you cannot try to stay for two consecutive periods with a total of more than 90 days without leaving the country between them.

Another thing, it is also necessary that the passport you plan to use for your next visit is the same as the one you used when you initially applied for an ETA or evisitor. As your ETA authorisation is digitally linked to your biometric or electronic passport if you change it due to loss or expiry then the ETA will also no longer be valid and you will need to apply for a new travel authorisation online.

Finally, another prerequisite for the reuse of your ETA authorisation relates to your personal information and the responses given to the questions asked when completing your initial application. If your situation has changed (change of name, address, email address, marital status...) or if you now respond in a different way to any of the questions on the form then your ETA authorisation may not be accepted for your trip. In this case you are generally required to apply again for a new ETA authorisation online.

If nothing has changed and your visit fulfils the required conditions then you can reuse your ETA without the need for any further administrative procedures. You will simply need to present your passport to your travel company and the Australian immigration authorities on your arrival for your ETA or evisitor to be confirmed.