How to modify the information on your eTA or eVisitor Australia?

Certain information on your eTA or eVisitor can be modified and others cannot. Here are some explanations on the possible modifications, the cases where this will be necessary and how to proceed.

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An ETA authorisation for Australia is only valid if all the information stated is valid and correct. If any of the information given is no longer correct then it is imperative that you update your file. But how can this be done and in which situations is it necessary to do so? This is what we shall examine here with simple explanations and useful information.


The cases whereby an update to your eTA-evisitor is necessary:

First of all, it is important to note that once submitted your authorization cannot be updated. Due to this fact, if you have paid the transfer and processing fees, they cannot be refunded and you will be required to again pay them in entirety when submitting a new application. It is therefore imperative that you carefully check all information given, the personal information and answers to the questions asked, before submitting your eTA-eVisitor application.

Although your eTA or eVisitor is valid for one year following its approval, all the information should be accurate at the time of each of your visits. If this is not the case then the only solution is to complete and submit a new application to the Australian authorities. This could be due to a change in your passport number if you have renewed or replaced your passport or it could result from a change in identity or gender, even nationality or address. In all cases, on each visit to Australia the consistency of the information given by your eTA and that of your passport or other identity documents will be systematically verified by your travel company. If an inconsistency is found then you may not be allowed to board your transport.

You should therefore carefully verify all information given and the continued accuracy of the latter for any later visit. If this information is no longer true or accurate then you will need to update your eTA or evisitor.


How to proceed if you need to update or modify your eTA or evisitor?

As we have briefly explained earlier, once your eTA or eVisitor application has been submitted you can no longer access it for modifications or updates to the information provided. It will therefore be necessary for you to complete a new application.

In fact, when you submit your online application form and make the payment for the transfer and processing fees of your application, this is directly and automatically transferred to the Australian authorities responsible for its examination and possible approval. The verification of the information you have given is almost instantaneous and the modification of this information can therefore change the outcome of this process leading to either an approval or refusal of your travel authorisation.

It will therefore be necessary to examine all the information submitted which justifies a new application as well as the payment for the fees inherent in the examination of your file.


Some advice to avoid unnecessary future updates to your eTA or eVisitor:

As previously explained, updating an eTA or evisitor travel authorisation can be a complex procedure, often impossible, and in the case whereby some of the important personal information has changed you may be required to complete a new application and therefore pay the application fees again. To avoid such an inconvenience when your authorization is still valid here is some advice to take into account when completing your initial eTA application.

Firstly, it is imperative that you ensure you make no mistakes when completing your online authorisation application. In fact, the vast majority of cases requiring an update to this document are due to careless errors. When completing your application it is therefore recommended that you do so in a calm and undisturbed area and ensure you have enough time available. Read the questions carefully and, if you are unsure about how to respond, consult our FAQ section or seek assistance through the numerous articles available on our website. Once you have completed the questionnaire check each response carefully to be sure you have forgotten nothing and made no mistakes.

It is particularly important not to make errors when entering important information relating to your identity or passport number, as well as your email address. If you enter an invalid or wrong email address then you will not be able to receive the notification of eTA authorisation acceptance or refusal.

You should also pay attention to the validity of your passport. If the passport number given when completing the application form is no longer valid when undertaking your trip, and even if you have renewed your passport in the meantime, then you will not be able to travel to Australia without renewing your eTA. It should also be noted that the information relating to your identity (first name, last name etc...) should also be clearly and accurately stated on your passport. Married women who hesitate between using their maiden or married names should therefore always use the name indicated on their passport. 

If you closely follow this advice then you should not need to update your eTA or eVisitor apart from in certain cases such as moving home.

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